Transport Canada releases info on changes to Air Cargo Security Program

OTTAWA, Ont.–Transport Canada has amended the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations, 2012 to expand supply chain security and reduce potential screening bottlenecks at Canadian airports. These regulatory changes, now published in Canada Gazette, Part II, will come into effect on October 17, 2016, according to Wendy Nixon, Director, Aviation Security Program Development Transport Canada.

In fall 2015, existing Air Cargo Security Program participants and other supply chain members will be able to apply to participate in the Air Cargo Security Program under new participant categories.

Those that accept, store, transport or screen air cargo will have to decide which participant category best reflects their business and cargo activity. The information products will assist stakeholders in making this determination.

These regulatory changes will allow:

  • Shippers / originators of cargo to screen their own cargo by way of packing to make it secure, avoiding potential security delays and additional screening fees for air cargo; and
  • Other cargo operators, such as ground transportation companies and warehousing facilities, to accept, store and/or transport cargo that has been screened and made secure by an authorized participant in the Air Cargo Security Program.

These changes will affect:

  • Businesses that ship their goods by air;
  • Businesses that handle or want to handle secure air cargo (e.g., trucking companies, warehouse operators).

Transport Canada said it encourages supply chain members, including existing Program participants, wishing to participate in the Air Cargo Security Program under one of the new participant categories to contact our Air Cargo Security Support Centre in fall 2015 to start the application process.



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