Free Interactive 3D Load Planning Tool

SimuPac – Interactive Visual Load Planning

Logico Carbon Solutions has just released a Beta version of its SimuPac as an app that replaces the tiresome pencil and paper… and eraser… process typically used to plan how to pack goods into containers. SimuPac provides you with visual information about the space available in a 3D graphic, but you have ultimate control over what to pack where in the container. Try multiple packing scenarios in a few minutes to get a satisfactory load rather than using a physical trial and error process on the packing floor, loading and unloading as you try to fit items into spaces. SimuPac keeps track of the usable available space, monitors the cargo weight and warns you if a stack will crush the supporting items. It even shows you how well the load is balanced as you build it so you can position and reposition blocks of items in the container.

And it doesn’t need to be installed on your computer. Access SimuPac from the internet on an Internet Explorer browser; all you need to do is register as a SimuPac user and the app is yours to use. Logico will give you the first six months free. Why? Because we think we have an even better solution than SimuPac. It is called XacPac, and although you may become a SimuPac wizard, XacPac will almost certainly produce a better load plan and in a lot less time. But that is another story for another time.

Now we just want to let you take a big step in logistical planning and learn how to use SimuPac to create your loading plans.

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