XacPac Planner

Designing the Bridge

XacPac Planner is a tool to help you implement recommendations and proposed improvements to existing processes. The Planner recognises that this is an iterative process that may require input from various parts of the corporation.

XacPac Planner will focus on:

  • Eliminating the source of errors and omissions in data;
  • Determining desirable changes and additions to existing practices;
  • Training and educating for change;
  • Identifying the cost of change;
  • Producing a timed action plan to implement changes and additions.
XacPac Intergration

Once the action plan has been produced this will be reviewed to identify the improvements that have been made and the results that will be achieved.

Once the XacPac Planner phase has been completed the organisation is ready to load optimise. In order to maintain load optimisation we recommend that the XacPac Planner forms part of a regular health check of your packing procedures.

"Efficiencies at each packing in the global supply chain yield compounded savings"


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