XacPac Discovery

Determining the Performance Gap

XacPac Discovery provides a detailed analysis of existing packing processes. Ordinarily we will examine one month of historical data. The objective of this examination is to identify errors and omissions in:

  • Dimensions and weights;
  • Assignment to containers and routes.

XacPac Discovery will use standardised metrics for statistical analysis.

XacPac Discovery will examine existing practices to understand:

  • Data entry;
  • Load planning;
  • Load plan implementation.
XacPac Discovery - Identifying the Performance Gap

XacPac Discovery will:

  • Identify probable sources of problems and bottlenecks;
  • Determine packing efficiencies and/or inefficiencies;
  • Determine costs associated with any inefficiencies;
  • Provide a statistical comparison with best of breed process to determine the performance gap.

"XacPac Discovery produces a detailed report of the results and recommendations for improvement"


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