The XacPac Advantage

Corporations wishing to maximise space capacity utilisation of any size rectangular shaped container can realise cost savings ranging from 10% to 35% with XacPac. These results were validated in a study supported by the National Research Council of Canada and were based on data from previously optimised customer load plans.

XacPac is more than just another load optimisation software offering. XacPac provides the means to understand your existing packing operation, to model improvements and to implement those improvements.

XacPac recognises that unless you understand your current operation it is very difficult to make improvements. You have to have a means of measurement. If it can’t be measured then it is difficult to ascertain any improvements.

What is different about XacPac?

Rather than just putting objects in set boxes using an inflexible algorithm, XacPac has re-invented the load planning process to:

  • Attack the problem with multiple strategies;
  • Find exact solutions in seconds;
  • Allow you to explore "What if.." scenarios;
  • Use attributes and rules that custom fit your business model;
  • Enable zoned, reverse order and destination packing.

XacPac has incorporated the latest trends in load optimisation into the core product to provide a series of major benefits. These include:

  • Refined User Experience that reduces a complex problem to simple steps;
  • Variable Load Balancing to put the centre of gravity where you want it;
  • Import/Export data from your enterprise to XacPac;
  • Responsive 3D representations that show what goes where;
  • Electronic manifests that can be used on the packing floor.

"XacPac provides a 3 stage process to load optimisation – and provides support through each stage."


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