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About Us

Logico Carbon Solutions Inc.

Headquartered in the Port Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia, Canada, Logico Carbon Solutions Inc., is dedicated to the reduction of Green House Gases through greater efficiency in the cargo logistics industry. Focused on developing and implementing optimisation tools for supply chain operations, Logico provides analytical expertise, algorithm development, and software solutions for clientele in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and transportation. Its flagship container load-planning product, XACPAC, is designed with Logico’s proprietary algorithms and has demonstrated unparalleled performance in container packing efficiency as validated in a study supported by the National Research Council of Canada.

Logico maintains ties to local and international universities in its ongoing research and development in logistics technology and sustainable development. Logico Carbon Solutions Inc. was co-founded by Dr. Warren Wolfe, President of its parent company, British Columbia based Da Vinci Research Consultants Ltd., where for the last 15 years he has worked with cutting edge technologies and has developed logistics optimisation tools. He has a PhD in Mathematics and 35 years experience as an innovator and complex-problem solver.


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