Are you aware of the United Nation’s new international Code of Practice for Packing Cargo Transport Units?

XacPac's loading plans satisfy the Code!

The new container packing Code was ratified by the UNECE in February 2014 and by the IMO in May 2014. With its final ratification by the ILO in November 2014, the Code automatically comes into effect in Canada, and as adopted by other countries around the world.

The new Code supercedes official guidelines for container packing that have been in effect since 1997. It requires all levels of a containerized cargo business, Management, Supervisors and those engaged in the actual packing of containers, to be trained and skilled “commensurate with their responsibilities.” Supported by TT Club, the leading provider of insurance to the international transport and logistics industry, the Code undoubtedly will raise concerns about responsibility and liability.

The Code declares “when parties use external training providers, they should ensure that such providers can provide training to meet the requirements of this Code.” To ensure proper training in the new container packing requirements, TT Club commissioned Exis Technologies to develop CTUpack e-learning™. This training tool is for those involved in the packing and unpacking of cargo transport units (CTU). The first release of CTUpack is a foundation level course covering modules on cargo, transport, packing and arrival.

Logico’s XacPac load packing tool has been selected by Exis Technologies as a complementary software tool. XacPac is designed to comply with new CTU Code requirements, making it easy and economical to comply with the requirements of proper cargo container packing along with optimised space utilisation and load balancing.

XacPac is a fast, easy-to-use packing assistant that provides a practical and relevant link for integration into the global supply chain. XacPac’s unique attribute system ensures that, by simply declaring the UN Numbers for chemicals, shippers can be assured that IMDG-coded segregation rules for dangerous goods are satisfied.

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