Carrying Hazardous or Dangerous Goods?

Simply enter the UN Number and Group Code for a product and XacPac will automatically determine the IMDG codes that apply. Then, XacPac determines the incompatibility codes and WILL NOT pack two incompatible items in the same container. Ensure your packed goods are handled safely and reduce your liability.

XacPac applies the same types of segregation rules to all products. Toxic items are never packed with foodstuff. Absorbent paper items are never packed with odour emitting tires. Liquid intolerant products are never packed with liquids. It just makes sense and XacPac does all of the planning work.

Distribution Manager

How XacPac Can Help Meet SOLAS Weight Verification Law

As soon as 1 July 2016, the IMO/SOLAS container weight verification law will come into effect. This mandatory requirement will require verification of container weights prior to placing loaded containers aboard ships - otherwise the container is left on the dock.

There are two method by which shippers can meet the verification requirements:

•Method 1: the shipper must weigh the packed CTU.

•Method 2: the shipper must weigh each item in the CTU and add those weights to the tare weight.

XacPac not only optimises the use of space and weight capacity in a CTU, it also provides a detailed mandate including the weight of every item packed.

  XacPac adds value for:

  • Domestic and international container shippers
  • Transloaders, cross-docking facilities
  • Distribution centres
  • Freight forwarders and cargo consolidators
  • Manufacturers with any size packing container
  • Container cargo managers
  • Logistics providers
  • Origin-to-Destination container packing
  • Intermodal container packing

"XacPac has proven, through a broad range of corporations, that it can provide gains of between 10% and 34% in commercial packing operations."

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